About Matt

Welcome to the art portfolio for Matthew J Burgos.

Matthew was born abroad, raised in Massachusetts, educated in Flagstaff, Arizona, and currently resides in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is currently focusing on improving skills in colored pencil and other drawing mediums.

Photography is his main skill set. Specializing in collegiate life, event coverage, higher-ed research, macro, and editorial. He prefers candid over portraiture.

A lifelong fascination with mythology, science fiction, and nature are major influences to his artwork. Many pieces involve themes of social interaction or human nature against abstraction.

And sometimes a pineapple is just a pineapple.

Matthew has always been more observant and studious which has led to a useful career in photography. Primarily editorial, event, and research fields. His personal photography focuses on smaller overlooked elements or moments of the world. Usually literally with macro photography. He likes to think that his nearsightedness is responsible for this appreciation.

A few of his major influences would be Michael Crichton (novelist), Gene Roddenberry (television), Brett Parson (illustrator), just to name a few of many.

If you are mad with interest, feel free to donate some funds for more art!

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