About Matt

Welcome to the art portfolio for Matthew J Burgos.

My primary mediums are photography and colored pencil.

My recent fine art work has been experimenting with taking traditionally flat drawings and adding real elements or depth. Exe; using sand, fabrics, specialty papers for backgrounds, etc.

The work I’m most pleased with are my 3D drawings. Colored pencil drawings cut apart and layered according to their actual depth of field. Images of live music (which I take) seem to translate the best.
Years of obsession with music, mythology, science fiction, and nature have had major influences on my content.

Photography is my main skill and funds the rest of my art. Specializing in event coverage, live music, collegiate life, higher-ed research, macro, and editorial. I prefer candid work over portraiture or studio. No doubt related to my introvert nature.
If I had to chose my favorite fields, it would be live music and macro photography.

Instagram – inkblotsandsnapshots
reddit- u/7evenPoint128
Matthew was born abroad, raised in Massachusetts, educated in Arizona, and currently resides back in Worcester, Massachusetts.

A few of his major influences are Michael Crichton (novelist), Gene Roddenberry (television), Jamie Hewlett (illustrator), and Jon Stewart (television), just to name a few of many.

His favorite art period is art deco, specifically Egyptian revival.